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Beaver Dams


We appreciate each and every one of you who have supported us over the past 4 years.  It sounds like such a simple statement, however, the meaning behind "appreciate" goes far beyond how much we are truly thankful for our friends, neighbors and family and would not have survived this crazy business without all of your support.

We are sad for our loyal employees who no longer have a job in our little town, our customers who looked forward to the pizza man when he arrived blowing that darn horn, but mostly we will miss the friends and friendships that developed over the course of time.  A very special thank you to all the little crafty pizza eaters who presented Jim with little handmade gifts and colored pages of smiles and pizzas.

In closing, pay attention to our government and how our country is moving forward with the "Build Back Better" agenda set forth by President Biden.  Update Joe, not too much is "better" at the present time.  "C'mon Man" ... get it together or move over!

With sincere thanks,
Jim and Becky                                   Vote Trump in 2024 !!!